Mo Juriaan Barends Fotografie

Stammerkamp 16 1112vh Diemen

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Who Will You Be Working With?

Meet Mo, the guy behind the lens. With over 17 years of experience, I live and breathe photography. I’m not just here to snap a photo; I’m here to think with you, to understand what you need in your visual language. My heart races when I see that perfect shot.

In short, I’m a driven, creative photographer who delivers results. Whether it’s a portrait, product shoot, or corporate session, I’m all in to make your vision come to life.

Here’s a selection of companies that i have enjoyed working with: Hema, Top of Minds, Arkin, Tosti Creatives, NRC Veilingen, Brandwise, Wagamama, AAG Auctioneers. Fnv Horeca bond. Albron and many more

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